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Training Courses For The Workplace

Please note that our online bookings facility is a 'Book and Pay' system, requiring payment at the time of booking.  Should you require an invoice please download the Company Booking Form from the bottom of this page, complete and return to

You might think it will never happen in your workplace but during 2014* in Jersey, Social Security received 678 claims for work related incidents, of which 438 (65%) were due to accidents in the workplace and 240 (35%) due to illness which includes stress and Musculoskeletal disorders (*source 2014 Jersey Health & Safety Report).  As a responsible employer you have a duty of care to everyone on your premises and should make sure that all employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work.  Our First Aid at Work suite of training courses are approved by the Health and Safety Executive and provide the training for your First Aiders to meet your workplace needs.

For an outline of the courses, please see course profiles above.

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Teaching experience and expertise  St John Ambulance is Jersey’s and the UK’s leading first aid organisation and has been teaching and delivering life saving first aid for decades.  Our professional trainers are qualified to the highest of standards to teach the life saving skills they use with our emergency and voluntary services.  Although your employees will be covered by your employer's Liability Insurance policy, with each of our First Aid in the Workplace courses, upon successful completion of a course, the candidate will automatically be registered to receive our free Associate Membership insurance so your first aiders are covered to give first aid whenever and wherever it is needed outside of their working environment.

Supporting our work in Jersey  The money we receive from our commercial training courses goes straight back into our first aid services, equipment and other community programmes in Jersey.  So, the benefits of training with us extend way beyond your organisation and is also a contribution towards your organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility.  You will be helping to make lots of other workplaces, public spaces and events safer too – and supporting our vital work in Jersey with young people, and some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

When choosing the right training for your workplace the course comparison chart on this page can help you determine which course best covers your needs.  There are two statutory first aid qualifications to choose between: 


FAW - First Aid at Work  This initial 3-day course covers the practical skills needed by first aiders where the risk assessment indicates a higher level of first aid is required. This qualification is valid for 3 years after which you may take the 2-day FAW Requalification course (FAWR) before your certificate expiry date.

FAWR - Requalification  A 2-day course for current holders of a First Aid at Work certificate only, renewing this qualification for a further three years.   Those whose certificates have expired beyond 28 days must attend a full three day course in order to remain a first aider.

EFAW - Emergency First Aid at Work  A 1 day course designed for smaller, lower-risk workplaces, where a risk assessment has indicated that a lower level of first aid cover is sufficient.


Should the workplace be child focused, we would suggest staff take a paediatric first aid course for confidence in dealing with any baby/child emergencies.  These courses focus on the emergency scenarios that face professionals looking after young children and infants, including teachers, childcare providers, au pairs and playgroup leaders. The course includes Anaphylaxis training.

PAED - Paediatric Initial  2-day course with qualification being valid for three years after which time the PAEDR can be taken.

PAEDR - Requalification  1-day course offering an update for those who need to renew their Paediatric First Aid certificate.  Those whose certificates have expired beyond 28 days must attend a full two day course in order to remain a first aider.



FASU - First Aid Skills Update  Employers are encouraged to ensure their first aiders are competent and maintain their skills throughout the three year certificate validity period. This is not a requalification course but a refresher course to combat skills fade. Taking this 3.5 hour FASU course provides your first aiders with an opportunity to practice and update their skills at any time during the valid life of their existing certificate.  FASU is only available to holders of an in-date FAW, FAWR, EFAW, PAED or PAEDR certificate.  *** Book a place on this FASU course for only £27.50  instead of £55.00  during 2017 only ***




For each minute that passes without defibrillation after the heart stops, the casualty's chance of survival falls by about 10%.  While AED units are very simple to operate, and no previous first aid training is required, this course gives you the confidence to act quickly and effectively in an emergency. Crucially, this course will teach your defibrillator operators how to perform effective CPR).  The certificate is valid for one year.

AEDI - AED Initial  ​4-hour initial course covering AED use and CPR.

AEDR -  Requalification  2-hour requalification course giving existing AED certified operators the opportunity to renew their certificate by refreshing their knowledge and practice using a defibrillator.  Defibrillator operators whose certificate has expired beyond 28 days must attend the full four hour AED course.


Working in awkward or tiring positions as well as keyboard work are cited as the main activities for causing work-related musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain. Staff trained in Moving & Handling Principles will ensure employers meet the requirements placed on them by manual handling regulations.  The Moving & Handling Principles course offers theory and practical exercises relevant to all workplaces be they office based or outdoor/manual working environments.

OAFA - Outdoor Activity First Aid with Anaphylaxis  £150 per person - A 2-day course including assessment on practical skills in outdoor scenarios and is ideal for people responsible for taking groups on outdoor activities, overseeing outdoor events on-island or taking groups off-island.  You will learn how to deal with conditions specific to leisure and sporting activities in both indoor and outdoor environments.  Included in this course is a session on Anaphylaxis, dealing with severe allergic reactions and the use of auto-injector pens.   On successful completion of the course you will be sent an Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) E-Certificate which is valid for 3 years, along with the Outdoor Activity First Aid & Anaphylaxis certificates.   Note - delegates must attend both days in order to complete the course

RUFA - Road Users First Aid  - £50 per person.   A 3.5 hour course developed with all road users in mind, giving candidates confidence and knowledge of what to do at the scene of a road accident. Would you know what to do if you were first on the scene of a road accident?  If you were involved in an accident and your close friend, family member or work colleague was not breathing, would you know how to potentially save their life?  Would you know how to safely remove a crash helmet? This course will give you confidence if you meet such a situation..

SEIZURE TRAINING - £15 per person.  This short 2-hour session is ideal for those who care for people who suffer from seizures, or are associated with a charity who support seizure sufferers. This is also an opportunity for professionals to undertake some CPD in this area.  The session covers:

  • Recognition features of seizures
  • Different types of seizure
  • When to seek medical help
  • Resuscitation

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued by email on completion.  


​We can offer the following courses at our venues on demand or they can be delivered to groups at your premises.

  • Evacuation Chair Training
  • Medical Gas Administration
  • Healthcare Workplace Resuscitation

If you would like further information on any of these courses, please call 735611.

Please note: If you book a place on a course and subsequently need to change the date or cancel please be aware there will be fees applicable as per our Terms & Conditions which can be seen on the 'Downloadable Documents' section at the bottom of this page.

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