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First Aid For Schools

Every year, 150,000 people die in the UK in situations where first aid could have given them a chance to live. We want every young person to have the opportunity to learn basic life saving skills at school.

Teach the difference

St John Ambulance has developed Teach the difference.; a website designed to make teaching first aid in the classroom fun and simple.

You'll find information on where first aid fits into the National Curriculum and flexible teaching resources which cater for children from the ages of three to 16 that can be tailored specifically to your classroom.

Support and guidance for teachers, first aid training for pupils, and awards and competitions for schools to work towards and participate in, are also provided.

Young first aider

Young first aider is a fantastic, fully comprehensive first aid learning resource designed for seven to 16-year-olds.

Covering 25 first aid topics, Young first aider includes first aid fact sheets, lesson plans, video clips, scenario cards, PowerPoint slides, differentiated worksheets, posters and certificates.

Schools News

National Schools’ First Aid Competition Winners 2015

St Lawrence Primary School pupils are the deserved Junior category winners of the St John Ambulance National Schools’ First Aid Competition. This is the first time a Jersey Primary School has won this major competition.

The competition final held at Skillzone, Gloucester saw teams of pupils from across the country battle it out by showcasing their team work, communication and first aid skills in challenging emergency scenarios with ‘live’ casualties.  Some of the dramatic situations included how to treat a choking casualty and someone with a fracture wrist.

The St Lawrence Primary team, made up of team members Caitlin Hedgecock aged 11, Claire Le Fondre aged 11, Cerys Banks aged 10, Esther Wilderspin aged 10, Olivia Woodward (Reserve) 10, made it through to the final by competing in the regional/ local heats in April. Due to a change in the date of the competition, Claire and Caitlin although having just moved to Secondary school were able to represent their Primary school. Esther and Claire also won the Junior Pair competition.

St Lawrence school teacher and trainer Mrs McDonald of the school team said, ‘The St John Ambulance competition and our schools resource is a great way for us to empower young people with lifesaving skills as well as improve self-esteem, and enhance other life skills. We hope that more schools will be encouraged to teach first aid and take part in the competition next year so their students can be the difference in an emergency.’


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