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You don’t have to be qualified in First Aid to be a life saver

To donate please call us on 01534 735611


£6 could pay for 100 first aid guides

£15 can restock a first aid kit after SJAJ has returned from being on duty at a Public Event

£25 helps train a volunteer in life-saving skills.

£100 could replace one of our safety helmets used by our operational officers

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Your donation helps us to teach people lifesaving first aid, and to ensure volunteers are on hand to provide first aid where they're needed most.

If you feel like you would want to have a more continued support to SJA, then a monthly direct debit can be set up to the account details below.


St John Ambulance donations account

No: 21123289

Sort code: 40-25-34

Giving to charity

If you live in Jersey and pay income tax you can give money using the lump sum donation scheme. The charity will then get an additional 25p for every £1 you donate.

All you have to do is donate £50 or more and complete a lump sum donation form or use the charity's online giving form.

This is how it works:

  1. You decide to give £100 to charity.
  2. You complete the details of your donation either online or using a paper form and send this to the charity with your donation.
  3. The charity sends the record of your donation to the Taxes Office.
  4. The charity gets an additional £25.
  5. When you complete your tax return, enter the details of the donation in the charitable giving section.

To download the form and to get more information please click on the link below

Help us to continue our vital work for future generations by including a gift in your Will. No matter the size, your gift can help save lives.

Thank you for considering leaving a gift in your Will to St John Ambulance - we’re incredibly grateful. Your support can help us create a future where no one suffers for the lack of first aid. Even just 1% of the remainder of your estate could make a huge difference to funding our vital lifesaving work for the future.

Making your Will is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. It ensures that your money and belongings will go to the people and causes you care about when you die.

You'll find lots of information here to help make the process much easier.

To leave a gift to St John Ambulance, you will need:

  1. Our registered Jersey Association charity number: 76
  2. Our registered address: St John Ambulance, 14-16 Midvale Road, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3YR

St John Ambulance needs yours support her are 10 fun suggestions to make a difference. We quite often have prizes at our training centre in St Helier such as radios and hampers which could be used for your fundraising event. Please call the office to enquire.

Cake morning – If you love baking invite friends and family to your home for tea and cake

Car boot sale – Clear the clutter and feel extra good

Scavenger hunt – Organise teams with an entry fee, and have a full day of fun around the island

Winter office soup off – Fix an office day once a week where by one member of staff from the group makes a soup the soups portions can be sold and scored at the end the soup off the highest scorer wins and becomes the office soup champion.

Give it up – Get your work colleagues to donate the money that they would have used on a coffee or snack – Less calories more feel good factor

Shave your Head – One our cadets raised over £300 doing this event

Run the race – This could be a fun run, 10k or a marathon – It’s a great way of getting fit and raising much need pennies.

House party - Invite supporters and their friends and family to your charitable house party. You can schedule the event around a cause awareness day, holiday, or pop culture event

Gaming for Good – Raise funds by having a marathon gaming event, have fun with your friends and get your group to get the sponsorship in.

Sporting sponsorship – Do you have an interest in hiking, boating or are part of a sporting organisation, then you could use your hobby to raise vital funds.